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Crocheted Plant Pot Pads (table protector coasters)
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 247.jpg (23746 bytes) Plant pot Pad (clickable)

"Blue with Black and White Sheep" Plant pot coaster.

About 12 inches in Diameter.


 255.jpg (25295 bytes) "Simple Rust Plant Pot Coaster"

About 11 inches in size


 256.jpg (24064 bytes) "Bumble Bees"

About 10 inches in Diameter.

This cute Plant Pot Coaster is just the thing to keep your flowers company!


 257.jpg (26452 bytes) "Black coaster with Blue Flowers"

About 11 inches in Diameter with bright blue flowers dancing around the rim.


Custom colors?  Special requests? Let Jean know and see what she can come up with.

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Plant Pot Coasters (table protectors made with homespun wool yarns)

Plant pot pads

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