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"Millie" Page 3
Majacraft "Millie" Spinning wheel,
Assembly steps

"Partially Assembled"?  O.K. what do you mean, and just how hard is it to assemble this spinning wheel?

Inside the shipping box you will find the spinning wheel, mostly assembled, 3 bobbins and a brown cardboard box of parts.

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Inside the brown cardboard box will be:
A.) Spinning head
B.) another bobbin
C.) Aluminum Crank and Connecting rods
E.) Wads of Newspaper, one containing "D"
D.)  Plastic bag of screws, belt, etc.
F.) Flyer assembly
G.) 2 treadles
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Use the "Allen Key" (supplied), to install the spinning head (A.)

Install the stretchy belt from bag (D.)

Attach each treadles to the treadle bar, with 4 screws from bag (D.)

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Install aluminum Crank (C.) with 3 screws from bag (D.)

Fit the connecting rods (C.) to treadles.

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Put a bobbin on the spinning head shaft (part A.), loop the brake string over the flange, screw the flyer (F.) onto the shaft. fly-bob.jpg (14871 bytes)

Thread the yarn through the "pinch and move" flyer loop, out through the flyer "delta", adjust the bobbin brake tension, and start spinning.

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Now, that wasn't so hard,

By the way, to supplement Majacraft's instructions, I provide additional instructions to help you assemble and maintain your Majacraft spinning wheel. 

Several pages of information,

with pictures,

because we care!


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