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Sent: Friday, September 22, 2006 2:54 AM

Subject: Hope To Hear From You.

>>From General accountant
> kumasi timber production
> Company in Accra.

>     Please Sir accept my apology for emailling you. Although we never
> met before.
> I am Mr Uduma Daniel the General accountant kumasi timber
> production Company here In Ghana.  I need your assistance to transfer
> the amount of $9.6milliondollars which was made from the company.
> We use to deposit the money into  the company account after the
> general accounting.Unfortunately, we hard a fatal accident while going
> to the bank for the Deposit which lead to the dieth of  company
> director who was in the same car with me.
> After the incident i was able to Deposite the fund in an escrow
> account,and i was the only person that knows were the money was
> deposited because is a deffrent account. Please I want you to help me
> stand as my forign beneficiary to transfer this fund into your forign
> account after the transfer we will come over to discuse exactly how it
> could be invested.
> Thanks
> Hope To Hear From You.
> Mr.Uduma Daniel.