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>                      URGENT PLEA FOR HELP.
> Forgive me if this letter comes to you as a surprise because we do not know each other in person I got your address from a friend of mine working at the south African chamber of commerce who assured me that you are a person of respectable character I am DR CHARLES STEVEN, a general practitioner attached at the Johannesburg general hospital, South Africa I have very important information I wish to share with you, On the 24th of January 2006,we admitted a patient with terminal stage of brain cancer It was found on examination that the cancer has metastasized extensively and that the woman had no chances of survival thus our medical team informed the patient that her death would be a matter of weeks I was assigned to manage this patient and I was able to have her history and eventually developed friendship with her.
> It was then that I learnt from the woman that she was married to MOBUTO SESE SEKO, the former president of ZAIRE, now Democratic Republic of Congo who was the richest man in Africa before he died Her name is MRS AGNES SESE SEKO, the fourth wife of the late president of ZAIRE, Since the death of her husband, she came to South Africa with her only son where they were granted political asylum by the government of South Africa few days before MRS SESE SEKO died, she informed me of the money her late husband deposited for her in a private security company here in South Africa he begged me to collect this money and transfer it to a trust account overseas for her only son who is only 10 years now she told me how she has no living relation capable of taking care of her only son and how she would not want her son to live in Africa she therefore begged me to do everything within my powers to send her son to an overseas country where he will live a safe life and have a quality education as well as where his Muslim faith will be preserved.
> She told me that the amount of money involved is US$ 6,200,000.00  ( SIX MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) the money is currently deposited as diplomatic consignment with (SECURITY & FINANCE COMPANY) here in Johannesburg, South Africa. Before she died, MRS SESE SEKO handed me over all the documents to collect the money from the security company She also signed a transfer of ownership transferring the ownership of the money to me I have cross-checked with the security company and have confirmed that the money is intact and safe in the security company MRS.SESE SEKO, and I then agreed that her son and I would share the Money after her death if I agree to help her.
> This is why I am contacting you I shall want you to assist me transfer this money to an overseas Country where we can deposit this money for her son in a safe bank account according to MRS.SESE SEKO'S desires I shall also want you to assist me to relocate the little boy to your country even if it means that I will join him with my family to settle in your country as of now, the son is living with my family here in Johannesburg, South Africa I beg you to treat this transaction with high confidentiality because the medical board of South Africa will subject me to a hectic interrogation if they get hold of this information, which may lead to the money being confiscated but I must assure you that this business bears no risk whatsoever. It is very important I let you be aware that I have perfected every arrangement to bring about a very Successful transfer in the most legal way all I require from you is your co-operation I suggest that when this money is successfully transferred to your account, that we share the money as follows that is After the transaction you will get your percentages, I will mine and  we will keep   something for the son of Madam Agnes Sese Seko former wife of President Mobutu.
> On your reply to this proposal, I shall also send you all the documents relating to this transaction as well as my identification I shall therefore want you to contact me immediately by my private telephone number or email address as stated above so that all details about this transaction will be discussed.
> Yours faithfully,