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> From The Desk Top Of Mr. DAVID MAYOR
> davidmayor_org@yahoo.co.in
> TEL; 234-80-770-54719
> Attention:
> I have interest of investing in your country as such I decided to establish contact with
> You for assistance as soon as I am able to transfer my consignment for
> This investment, which is already with a security company in Europe.
> There are two basic things I would want you to assist me in:
> (1) Helping me by traveling to Europe as a front collector of these
> Consignment from the security company in Europe. This is because of my
> Inability to travel out of the country which I am taking refuge at the
> Moment with my wife and children, which I will explain better to you
> Upon the receipt of your acceptance.
> (2) Helping me to carry out Feasibility study on areas/choice of investment you dream best for me. I Retired as financial consultant and was the last personal financial
> Adviser to the ex-head of state before his demise and have no Intention of carrying out any further investment programmed in my Country for Security reasons.
> Note: This transaction must be kept strictly Confidential because of its nature looking forward to Receiving your Prompt responds I will appreciate that you forward the
> Following Information so that we can proceed immediately with the Project.
> 1) Your Full Name: __________________________.
> 2) Your
> Address: ____________________________.
> 3) Your Telephone. Number:
> ___________________.
> 4) Your Fax Number: _________________________.
> 5)
> Your Mobile Number: ______________________.
> 6) Your
> Occupation______________________
> 7) Your Age______________________.
> With Best Regards,

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