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Various pages within this web have outside "links" to expand on that particular page's subject matter.  Below is a list of those "links" and the web page that references them.

Referring page

Actual link and description

Sheep tales #03 History and information on Navajo Churro sheep
Majacraft accessories Majacraft web site:  Kumihimo braiding
Majacraft Majacraft's "home" page
Majacraft tricks Majacraft's "Hints" page
(supplied with each spinning wheel)
Majacraft tricks Wool testing lab in Denver,
provides fascinating pictures of fiber structure, etc.
Spindles Join "Spindlitis" Spindle e-mail "list"
  Huge collection of folksongs, both printed verse
and download music.
  Easy Knitting Patterns: -- A great new way to knit with our -Knit to Fit- Patterns
Learn to Knit: -- illustrations teach basic stitches for right and left hand knitting.
Knitting abbreviations and terms: -- Knitting site with instructions, tips and history.
Spinning and Knitting: -- Learn about knitting and spinning your own yarn.
Free Knitting Pattern: -- Free knitting patterns and stitches.
Link may be broken Collection of Folk tales about spinning and weaving
  Merriam-Webster's (the old standard) at
Soapbox #4 BoingDragon's Lair
  OneLook (a compilation of lots of dictionaries) at
  "Whois" Look up the registered
holder of web site domain names.
  "How stuff  works" is an interesting web site explaining ....
well, .... How stuff works!
  "Small farmer type" instructions on putting up hay:
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