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Our fleeces are very clean, as our sheep are coated year-round, in fact the sheep start wearing a coat on the day of birth.

Raw fleece Sold OUT! Nov. '10

  Smooth, clean roving. May 2, '08
Average prices are listed lower on this page.

May '08 All of 2007 year fleece has been processed by Ohio Valley Natural Fibers and Stone Hedge Fiber Mill.
We can now offer Beautifully prepared roving at reasonable prices.

We offer the following roving:

Pure bred Navajo Churro and also Corriedale cross bred all in a variety of colors. Prices range from $3 per ounce plus shipping.

Subject: Loving the roving ....
Greetings Jean...

Just dropping you a note to let you know how it's going with the roving... I started spinning some of the tan the other day and it is wonderful!!  It's smooth and almost buttery to work with... the processor who did the roving did a wonderful job and the fibre is amazing...

I am dividing each 4oz lot into three for a 3ply and the first batch of singles is done, the second is soon to be started and I am really looking forward to getting all three singles done and seeing how the final 3ply looks when it's finished... I'm planning to do all the rovings like this so I can use them together in a project (not sure just what yet, but I'll have a better idea once I have it all spun)...

I'll do some scans and sent them to you if you are interested... I am definately liking this fibre ...

Walk in peace and may your hands always have fibre to love...

Kitchener, ON, Canada

Since we can't really show the quality of the roving in pictures (very hard to get good photos of roving) would you allow us to use your comments about it on our web site?


Subject: Re: Loving the roving ....

Sure.... I haven't any problem with that... I'm glad to help...

Walk in peace...



E-mail Jean

for availability and further information.

(Information about samples- bottom of this page).. 

"Sample Packs" .  May '08  Sample packs of Ready to Spin Roving are now available.


We offer for sale:

Raw fleece Sold OUT! Nov. '10

Purebred Navajo-Churro fleeces, in a variety of colors (white-tan-gray-black).

Medium wooled Corriedale crossbred fleeces, in colors from whites to grays to black

We sell skirted raw fleece or processed (washed and carded) wool which can be shipped UPS anywhere.

Mother sheep and lambOur fleeces are very clean because our sheep are coated year-round, starting when each lamb is but a few days old. Soap Box

Since I process some of  my wool myself, I can tell customers how best to process fleeces purchased from us.

I take great pains to produce batts that are smooth, even, lofty, very clean and virtually noil free. The "ready to spin or card" locks are carefully washed and flicked. Our processed wool spins like cotton candy!

(Click here) for a short, true, fleece story titled "You've got to be kidding!"

Pricing .................(does not include shipping costs)


Corriedale crossbreds

Raw skirted fleece (when available)

$     per pound

$    per pound

Our fleeces that have been processed into roving by Ohio Valley Natural Fiber and Stone Hedge. $3.00 per ounce

Sample Pack Three generous ounces of prepared wool
in ready to spin roving.

#3) 3+ ounces of Navajo-Churro $10.50 plus shipping (Priority Mail)

....Roving Samples cost $2.50. If you can let us know your interests, we can tailor the samples to meet your needs. If you have previously purchased anything from us, there is no charge for samples.

***Please E mail us before sending money for samples, so we can tell you what color roving is available.***

For more roving or yarn skein information and exact prices please

E-mail Jean

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