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.........A sample pack contains several different types or colors of ready to spin wool. The wool has been washed, cleaned and carded into roving that is ready to draft for spinning.

Only one sample pack is currently available, please check back later for more selections. 

Sample Pack
Three generous ounces of prepared wool
in ready to spin roving

#3) 3 different colors of Navajo-Churro roving $10 plus $3.85 shipping (Priority Mail)

Each pack will give you different colors and textures. Each of the 3 selections of roving will be a generous ounce of carefully prepared wool (by Ohio Valley Natural fibers).

Here is an opportunity to experience spinning a variety of Churro wool types and colors.

If you have ever wanted to spin something different but didn't want to purchase an entire fleece, this is just the thing. No mess, no hassle, no waiting, ready to spin when you take it out of the box.

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E-mail Jean

for availability.

For a little extra, we can make a sample pack to fit your needs.

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