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Majacraft Bobbins

These are the currently offered bobbins from Majacraft.   First is the Jumbo bobbin supplied with the "Plying set" and also with the "Wild flyer" Kit.

Second is the standard Plastic bobbin followed by the fat core "Lace" bobbin set and finally the Tara Wood bobbin.

Not shown is a "Baby" bobbin which is the same size as the Lace bobbin but with a thin core.

Majacraft bobbins

Top view of Majacraft bobbins (Top view of bobbins)

The following are the dimensions taken from several of Maja's standard plastic bobbins:

Maja bobbin:   Plastic: 

Core length 3.994"  to 3.984"     by 0.762"    0.781    0.771     0.778    0.773    0.780 diameter
Assembled length:    4.544"    4.552     4.532    4.551"     (nom 115.5 mm)
Flange Diameter:    3.508 (89.0mm) O.D. X 0.255" (6.5mm) thick
Groove depth:    0.100" (2.5mm)
Interior capacity Dimensions 3.760" nom. (95.6mm nom.)


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We will (gladly) accept checks, money orders, and bank checks, (all payable in U.S. Dollars) for all purchases.   We will only accept "Paypal" to pay for purchases of less than $10.00. 

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