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Majacraft Spinning wheels
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Majacraft Spinning Wheels and Accessories

An afordable 'entry level' spinning wheel
"Little Gem"
Majacraft's smallest spinning wheel.  Totally folding, weighs about 10 pounds but still spins like a full size wheel.
Special price on a New Little Gem
Majacraft's small, elegant double pedal "little sister" to the Rose and the Suzie. This is a real power house packaged as Maja's lowest price spinning wheel.
Two pedal spinning wheel from New Zealand with lots of wonderful features, this is our perennial favorite.
"Tiny Tim"
Has been discontinued.  Parts and service are still available and will be for the foreseeable future.
No longer in production.
Combines the best of the Suzie and the Saxonie! Majacraft's "Top of the line", this spinning wheel combines a more traditional look with the superb adaptability of the Suzie.
This page has several pictures and takes about 45 seconds to fully load. There are lots of jump links between "Accessories" and "Prices" page, so that you can move freely back and forth between the two pages, as well as links that will give you a "Larger picture, same words".
This page compares the sizes and weights of Majacraft's Spinning Wheels.
This is a chart comparing the speed ratios of the various Majacraft spinning wheels and giving you the speed ratios of each groove.
"Tips and Tricks"
Contributed suggestions to help you get more pleasure from your Majacraft spinning wheels.
Japanese braiding tools.  Bobbins and braiding stand. Majacraft now offers finely turned bobbins and upright braiding stands, offered individually and in sets. 

At the top and bottom of each Majacraft Page, is a way to jump directly to any other page in this Majacraft set.

Read about the Majacraft "Suzie" in the Winter 1995 issue of 'Spin-Off' magazine. (We provided the Green flywheel "Suzie" for the color picture). I take exception to some of the information (but that's a later web page), but covered some of the points in my letter to the editor in the Spring 1996 'Spin-Off'.

Majacraft's  web site is http://www.majacraft.co.nz.

They have some absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures of the spinning wheels.

Exclusive from Woolly Designs...

We don't just sell these spinning wheels, we use them....... and more than that,  I repair them!  If a new wheel needs fixed (it can be a bumpy ride, from the other side of the world), I fix them before you buy them.  Sometimes I correct things that you would never even think to look for, because I know what to look for!  And if you tell me about a mysterious "squeak" that just started,  I will usually know what you are talking about, and what to do about it.

We carry lots of parts for quick repairs to your Majacraft spinning wheels, to help you get your wheel back in operation if you have that awful:    "OH, Noooooo !"


We will (gladly) accept checks, money orders, and bank checks, (all payable in U.S. Dollars) for all purchases.   We will only accept "Paypal" to pay for purchases of less than $10.00. 

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