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Dec. 2,  2018 "Tracy" spindles

We have moved to a new farm and I am currently working on a new Spindle Workshop.

Hand Spindle production will begin again later this spring.  We will be attending several wool festivals this year so look for me


E-mail Tracy

........These fancy drop spindles (Overlay style) are made of solid walnut with an overlay of thin Baltic birch, into which has been scrollsawn an image or (Rim style) the same Baltic Birch image with a Walnut rim-ring top and bottom for a true 'rim weighted' spindle.

These images are cut by hand on a Scroll saw.   They are NOT laser cut!

The spindles are coated with a good durable polyurethane finish and come with a brass reinforced tip to limit stem damage when dropped .   Bottom whorl spindles feature a tapered stem topped with a stainless steel hook.  Top whorl spindles have a stainless steel hook and precise whorl notch to position the yarn in exactly the same spot each time and a shouldered stem to prevent the whorl from ever moving down the stem.   See whorls for more information.

I am now making whorls using  Walnut as the base wood, with Baltic Birch as the "image".

While I may not have these spindles on hand, these clickable pictures will give you an idea of what the current designs look like.

The  whorl on the left is an example of the "overlay" style and the whorl on the right is an example of the see through "Rim" style.  See whorls for further construction information.

Cut whorls-bw-3.jpg (31926 bytes)

These images are cut by hand on a Scroll saw.  They are NOT laser cut!

List of generally available spindle images and types:

STARs AND MOONs!  Radical new 'hollow' whorl.   4.2 inch diameter, 1/2 inch thick but only weighs slightly more than a "Heavy Comets".Now in limited production and priced at $45. each.

Moon and Stars drop spindle

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Solar System Spindle!smallnew.gif (926 bytes)
solar system spindle by Tracy Eichheim Special order, $75 each.

Nhewyt's Dragon spindle DRAGONS!! $65.00 Each. Either top or bottom whorl

dragon-161-163.jpg (57398 bytes) DRAGON!  Rim style $55.00  Dragon136-141.jpg (103948 bytes)

 llama2_thumb.jpg (3898 bytes) LLAMAS!  Sorry, I'm no longer making them

Goats Aug. '00.jpg (30486 bytes) Angora Goats: "Overlay" and "Rim" style

Kokopelli June '00.jpg (41665 bytes) Kokopelli: "Overlay" and "Rim" style

Lambs June '00.jpg (29325 bytes) Lambs: "Overlay" and "Rim" style

Rabbits: "Overlay" and "Rim" style

FlowersFeb2001.jpg (32775 bytes) Flowers: "Overlay" and "Rim" styles

Spiders and Lizard June'00.jpg (34532 bytes) Spiders spindles,"Overlay" and "Rim" styles
  Lizards spindles: "Overlay" only

Lambs Ultralite.jpg (52289 bytes) Lambs Ultra lite 0.6 ounce

I can also make the following images as Ultra lite spindles (down to about 0.5 ounce)
Kokopelli, lambs, Goats, Hummingbirds, Rabbits, Flowers, Spiders. Spiders-VL-0893-4.jpg (47796 bytes)

Other images may be available..... contact me.

(Plus Priority mail charge for up to 5 spindles,
production or fancy, mix or match)


E-mail Tracy

for quantities and availability and ordering instructions.

Subject line: Spindles

We will (gladly) accept checks, money orders, and bank checks, (all payable in U.S. Dollars) for all purchases.   We will only accept "Paypal" to pay for purchases of less than $10.00. 

Introduction . Fancy spindles . Production spindles . Sneak Peek . Whorls . Compliments

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