Majacraft Bobbins

All Majacraft Bobbins are about 3 1/2 inch in diameter, have an approx. 3/4 inch core and are about 4 1/2 inch in over all length, and generally hold somewhere between 4 and 6 ounces of spun fiber.

A.....The Old style wooden end bobbins (About 4 ounce) were phased out several years ago, however, because of their thick Rimu wood ends, (they are quieter than the new bobbins) and the replaceable bushings, they are still quite serviceable.

B.....The standard Plastic Bobbins (About 3.5 ounce) that are supplied with each spinning wheel, are composed of a high temperature plastic material that allows the bobbin to be submerged in boiling water, (to set the twist on Cotton), or in dye baths, (however, even with the water circulation holes in the core, I doubt you will get an even dying, but then again you might get some real interesting effects) and if you like to spin in the grease, you can easily clean up your plastic bobbins with hot soapy water. They are light and quite responsive. The only down side, is a slight singing of the brake string on the thin plastic. $.PRICE.$

C.....The new optional Tara wood bobbins (About 2.5 ounce) are aimed at those who want a turned wooden bobbin. They are quite light and well made.They feature two bobbin brake string grooves to give an even finer brake adjustment.The first ones had a problem with the plastic bearings, but Majacraft has since gone to a new and better bearing. Please note that the flange edges are very thin and as such may not stand up to rough handling. This is a pretty bobbin, made of Tara wood, with a waxed finish. $.PRICE.$

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