New Majacraft Lazy Kate

The New Lazy Kate is designed to work with all Maja bobbins including the Jumbo bobbins.

New Majacraft Lazy Kate.jpg

Here is the instruction sheet that will come with the new Kate:

‘Whakarare’ or ‘Korurangi’ from Aotearoa New Zealand.

The design is used in most carvings to show movement and experience

The Majacraft universal LazyKate will hold any Majacraft bobbin. There are two configurations of the tension string depending on the size of the bobbins you wish to ply from.

The engraving pattern on your LazyKate is inspired by the carving of the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori. They have a rich and unique culture that we are proud to honour in our LazyKate.

Configuration for large Majacraft plying bobbins.

New Lazy Kate 2.jpg (16676 bytes)

Configuration for standardMajacraft bobbins and lace bobbins.

New Lazy Kate 3.jpg (15869 bytes)

Assembly Instructions

1. Carefully tap the three yarn guides into the holes in the top of the LazyKate.

2. Screw the three cup hooks in the small holes in the face of the LazyKate

3. Attach the tension spring to the rightmost cup hook and then thread the brake band through the other two hooks.

4. Push the tension knob into the leftmost hole and then tie the end of the brake band to the tension knob through the small hole in the aluminiium shaft

5. Push the brass rods into the remaining three holes of your LazyKate

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