Screw on Skeiner

(A.) Small knob used to turn skeiner by hand. (B.) Long pin on which the yarn winds. (C.) 3 holes to change the diameter of the skein.

A wooden spider that screws onto the bobbin shaft in place of the flyer, so that when you treadle, it will wind on a skein from your lazy kate (on the floor). We do not use them, and have sold two, and one of the ladies who bought one says that she absolutely loves it and uses it all the time. $.PRICE.$

The skeiner has 7 pegs that can be pushed into one of three holes in each arm. Each peg gives about 3 to 3 1/2 inch of protrusion on which to wind the yarn. When all the pegs are in the middle hole, the skeiner makes a skein that is about 26 1/2 inches long. Majacraft's instruction sheet says that with the pegs in the outermost set of holes, that 34 turns equates to 50 meters of yarn. With the pegs in the middle holes , 34 turns equates to 50 yards, and that the innermost set of holes can be used to unwind a skein after it has been washed and shrunk a little.

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